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Juvenile Law is a very unique and specialized practice of law. This type of law deals with children from the time of birth until the age of 18 and it also involves the protection of the family unit.

If a child gets into a dispute such as a fight involving weapons, theft of property or the use of drugs, he or she is entitled to legal representation before a Juvenile Court. Depending on the offense, a child could be facing anything from removal from the home and placement in a detention facility for a number of months or even years.

On the other hand, if a child is the subject of abuse or neglect, that child could be removed from the family. The parents could also be facing the prospect of having their rights as biological parents terminated and losing custody of a child. In these situations, the child and the parents are both entitled to legal representation before a court.

This office has handled many cases in this area and can offer legal representation in protecting the family unit.