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2017 Mayor’ s Race

Andy OlivoNow that my involvement in this year’s Mayors race is over, I would like to thank all of you for the opportunity to run for Mayor of Farmers Branch. The last six months I spend walking and talking to many of you to include many of your dogs, cats, ducks, some rabbits but I did not see any chickens! I ran for Mayor because I believed I could make Farmers Branch a better community and bring all our citizens together. It is time we accept each other as human beings and try to respect each other. Now we are left with two candidates that are diametrically opposite in personality, attitude and background and I fear that divisiveness may continue unless we demand that our leaders respect all citizens. For your information, I have recently met separately with both Harold Froehlich and Robert Dye. All the meetings were friendly and we discussed the future of Farmers Branch. My main point to them was that we should be one Farmers Branch and respect all our citizens and all our city employees. The choice that you will make will be a very difficult one. Regardless, I will vote.

Beyond the election, I will stay involved as much as I can and I think all of you should do the same. We cannot afford to let the “Friends” of Farmers Branch control everything to include the Mayor, council and all the city Boards. Please attend council meetings and do not be afraid to speak up to the Mayor and Council. In closing, I would like to publicly thank all the volunteers in my campaign to include William F., George M., Ronnie L., Sam A., Jose G., Carlos G., Patty M., Jack K., Guillermo R., Cathy M., Lawrence T., Kirk C. and A.P. L. -- -they all did their part but I do feel that I let them down. I also want to thank my wife, Lynn, and my son, Andy Carl, for always being there even if sometimes they thought I was crazy. I will be going back to my law practice full time and try to make up the last 6 months of work and lost wages. However, Lynn and I hope to travel to Omaha and Boys Town this summer to visit my brothers at our Bi-annual reunion as Boys Town celebrates 100 years and my class celebrates 50 years since my graduation-how time files!

Thank you and we should all pray for our Nation and Farmers Branch.

Andy Olivo